Black Sabbath - 'God is Dead?'


In Black - Episode 001

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Prelude - Ghost meets Cemetary - Year Zero In Black

Towers on the Moon - Lunar Transient Phenomena
The Eternal - Beneath the Soil
The Foreshadowing - The Forsaken Son
Tiamat - 384
Moonspell - Herodisiac
Babylon Whores - Hell Abloom
Throes of Dawn - Velvet Chokehold
Cemetary - Sad Your Sorrow
Beseech - Firewalk
Sentenced - Dead Moon Rising
Ministry - Lava
Samael - Antigod
Heavenwood - Winter Slave
Primordial - With the Wolf


Interview with Mathias Lodmalm | Cemetary / Sundown (2013)

It's not a secret that I'm a big fan of Swedish metal scene in general - the land from which emerged part of the most important extreme metal bands and famous rock bands. One of these bands is Cemetary which is part of my most listened albums ever. I didn't discover Cemetary when they released their first album. It was in 1993 when I discovered "Godless Beauty" and I became a die-hard fan. One year later the band released one of my favorite albums ever, Black Vanity, and that same year I bought "An Evil Shade Of Grey", their debut album. Their singer and guitarist, Mathias Lodmalm has a different and unique style, and his voice was probably the thing I really liked the most. There's a long story behind Cemetary and and it's successor, Sundown. Design 19 is a masterpiece in my opinion, and it's probably one of the 10 most important records outside extreme metal and outside traditional goth that is in my record collection. It has a great personal value for me. It was an honor for me to interview Mathias. (Oskar Terramortis - Feb 13th 2013)
So let the beast speak. 

Hi Mathias, how are you? How's the winter?

Lodmalm:  Hey! Winter, the season of delayed planes and trains.

Before starting the deep interview, there's a couple of things I would like emphasize. The demo of Cemetary, ”Incarnation Of Morbidity”, that was released back in 1991, will be released in 7" this year. Where did the idea for that come from? These are wonderful news. Personally, I tried to find your 3 demos for many years, with no success. And when I finally found them, the guy asked me to pay 150 euros for the 3 copies.

Lodmalm: Thank you! Quite to my surprise it seems like Cemetary stuff is quite expensive these days, and also hard to find. Maybe because we were never part of the Swedish Death Metal hype machine but went our own way. I think the guys responsible for getting the release out is Micke Andersson of Act 3 (bugging me for years, in the nicest way) and Cronis from To the Death for being the genuine guy that he is. So, it felt right doing this as some kind of "anniversary" or whatever. These tracks were always unreleased, so I put together a nice little package with my friends for my friends. 

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